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Managed IT Services: Flat Rate or A la Carte

What is on the menu for your IT department? Are you looking for a provider that manages your IT software, network, and hardware? By outsourcing your day-to-day IT services you can improve your technology’s operations and reduce expenses. Typically, IT providers charge a fee-for-service when providing solutions to a company. However, most IT service providers are now making the move to a recurring, flat rate model no matter the usage of a service. The difference between break fix and flat rate fee is first understanding the difference between A la Carte and bundled managed IT services.

Break-Fix Managed IT Services

We know your technology needs to be as flexible as your business. A la Carte offers your business the opportunity to improve productivity and functionality by selecting programs that specifically relate to your problems. We offer mobile office solutions, network and cyber security, infrastructure management, cloud computing, and many more. Using this method an IT solution provider will perform only services needed and bill the customer only for the work done. Depending on which a la carte service you wish to purchase, pricing will fluctuate.

Flat Rate Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are commonly clumped together so you can receive full coverage. Complete protection over your entire IT infrastructure ensures secure operating systems. Your organization’s security is always a top priority and we take pride in protecting you. With proactive measures like 24/7 system monitoring we keep your information and network safe and secure. A successful provider should deliver solutions that improve productivity and save money. You can optimize your business operations by customizing your support and services specific to your direct business needs. Bundled services are infamous because of the recurring flat rate fee regardless of usage.

We understand your business has specific needs and that you’re looking for products and solutions. Whether it be bundled or a la carte we can offer your company military grade IT services. Learn more: G6 Communications


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