Military Grade Cloud Security

Ease Your Cloud Security Worries

You may have heard that the cloud isn’t safe and are worried that your data isn’t safe and secure.  We’re here to tell you that your data couldn’t be safer. Let’s put it this way, if the worst were to happen and you needed to find a good place to hunker down, you should go and seek out a data center to barricade yourself in to weather out the storm. Data centers are built from the ground up with one idea in mind: keep your data safe not only from cyber attacks but the kind of natural disasters that could bring buildings down. Your cloud security is taken very seriously and our emphasis on it allows you to have the same level of security as some of the largest companies in the world.

Data Center Fortress

Data centers have some of the greatest security measures in the world. These multi-million dollar facilities have redundant power supplies, and in many cases, quadruple redundancy and can stay up, with the use of generators, for extended periods of time. Some of these security features include around-the-clock monitoring and  single point of entry utilizing mantrap systems to make sure that only authorized personnel get through. Thousands of metric tons of reinforced concrete rest on concrete pillars each extending 16-feet into the ground to provide the foundation these facilities are built on. The exterior walls are 11 inches of reinforced concrete that ensure cloud security is something that isn’t taken lightly. Unless you know your office building is built like a fortress, moving your data to the cloud is actually a safer option.

Safety from Cyber Attacks

Tornados and earthquakes aren’t the only threats to your data. Cyber attacks are gunning for your sensitive information. Cloud security accounts for that as well. While intrusion detection systems monitor all of the data coming into the facility, it will identify suspicious activity and neutralize it. While Firewalls add another layer of protection, they also encrypt data and backups and send them through secure fiber-optic cables to ensure safety.

G6 Communications takes cloud security seriously and whether your data is in the cloud or in your office, we make sure you’re taken care of. You can rest assured that when we consult with you about implementing the right technology for your business, we will only recommend the best.