Best Mobile Apps to Increase Work Productivity

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could cram an eight-hour workday into five hours? What would you do with the extra time: read a book, spend it with family, and fit in an extra work out? Unfortunately, we haven’t figured out how you can bend time to your will, but there are apps out there that can help you organize your workday and make the best use of the time you have. Here are four of our favorites, all available for Apple or Android.



If your workday includes frequent time out of the office, check out Shoeboxed. This free app lets you scan and organize business receipts, and then generates a digital expense report with receipt images. It will also pull receipts from your Gmail inbox and collate them with the others on your phone. You can even send the expense report directly from the app. Using your device’s GPS Shoeboxed can track mileage, and can also scan and store business cards.



When your business involves members of a team all working on different facets of several different projects, it can be challenging to make sure everyone has the information they need. That’s where the Highrise app comes in. This “simple contact management” app allows sharing of emails, meeting notes, contact lists or documents with everyone who needs them. It also organizes task lists by company or project, allowing your team to concentrate its effort where they are needed most. Integrated privacy settings ensure data is shared with only those who should have it.



The Lift app focuses on goal achievement through coaching, accountability and positive reinforcement. Joining one of Lift’s common challenges puts you in touch with other users attempting to improve the same aspects of their lives. You also have the option to create an entirely new challenge and track your progress or receive coaching. Goals for a business setting might include learning to run better meetings or answering phone calls or emails in a timelier manner., the parent company of Lift, is also Beta testing a new executive leadership program aimed at improving team productivity.



Toggl is currently the most widely used cloud based time tracking app. It can be used to point out areas of your day in which you are most likely to lose focus and procrastinate, or to track your team’s time management for client billing purposes. Through the creation of different projects inside the app, you can track any action, from time spent on individual projects to time in meetings to time in the lunchroom. For ultimate client accountability, there is the option to create a link to an open-ended public time report, so progress can be viewed at any time. The app is also able to generate and share reports.