User Education -vs- Network Scanning

No matter how small or large your company, online security is a serious issue, especially in the BYOD era. We know this to be true since the hackings of major corporations like SONY pictures, Target and Home Depot. There are a few ways that you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a security breach and losing valuable information that is vital to the success of your company. One way is with user education for your staff, while the other involves network scanning. Below we discuss in more detail how both user education and network scanning can help you avoid becoming the victim of a security breach.


Benefits of IT User Education  

User education has been found to be increasingly important because of the high amount of employee carelessness within enterprises, which has been considered even more dangerous than malware itself! During employee training, it is important to focus on a mix of positive and negative reinforcements since training wears off after several months. Employees need to be praised for doing the right thing during education and told what they are doing wrong so that imprints are left behind.

The benefits of IT user education start with better protection for company assets by teaching workers how to respond appropriately to real and possible security concerns. Another advantage of user education is that it provides updated information so your staff is current on the latest risks and how to handle them. Employees also learn that the information on their computers and mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, thumb drives) is vulnerable to attacks and valuable to the well-being of the company.

When the business effectively educates the staff on how to handle online security, they gain an overall improvement in compliance with the company’s security policies, standards, procedures and checklists. There is less risk of gaining negative press from security breaches and a culture of security competence is built within the enterprise.


Benefits of Network Scanning

Unfortunately there are vulnerabilities on all networks, which hackers are aware of. Now there is the technology of “network scanning” that has been designed to look for these vulnerabilities, such as unnecessary services, open ports, password crackers, unsafe configurations, system configuration errors, missing security packs, unsafe or flawed coding and malware. These scans can find such weaknesses, and let you tighten your security before cyber criminals come in and steal your sensitive data. Network scanning will check your system for known defects and make sure they are correctly patched.

Network scanning is very cost-effective. Your system can be mapped out for vulnerabilities for the price of the program, and receive solutions to plug the holes. It only takes a matter of minutes to take a high-level look at possible weaknesses in the system and it is automatic.


User Education vs Network Scanning

It is clear that there are benefits to both IT user education and network scanning. While it is up to you to decide what is best for your business, employing both methods is ideal. When you add network scanning to user education, you chances greatly decrease of suffering a security breach. There is still the chance that an employee may forget an important step because they are having a hectic day.

If you are interested in network scanning for your business, contact us today! Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to address all of your online security needs.