Tech Tips to Kickstart Your 2016

Technology is meant to simplify our lives and help us stay better connected. But by not keeping up with constant tech changes and security best practices, you may allow technology to cause you distress! As we progress into the New Year, there are some helpful tech tips to keep in mind that will transform your life for the better. Here are four tech tips to kickstart your 2016.

1. Keep Up with Your Phone Updates

Your phone is an ever-evolving, little device that undergoes endless updates to make your life easier. Every year, phone manufacturers and app developers come out with bigger and better features to stay ahead of the curve. So make sure you refamiliarize yourself with your mobile device after every update. Not sure of where to begin? Here’s 25 iPhone tech tips you’ll wish you knew all along from CNET. And here’s some hidden Chrome on Android features that will improve your mobile browsing experience.

2. Back it All Up

We all know how important it is to backup your critical files. So make sure to regularly assess your backup methods and make sure any new tech gadgets you’ve recently acquired are thoroughly protected – it’s not just a best practice, but a necessity. Many companies are turning to the Cloud for storage and backup of their nonessential data and locally storing their sensitive information.

3. Go Beyond the Standard Password

It’s time to accept the fact that the password alone is no longer a dependable means of security.

Most major tech companies such as Amazon and Facebook offer two-step authentication and login approvals to enhance user security. If there’s one major tech tip to take advantage of this year, it’s enabling this feature on your devices whenever possible.

4. Change Your Passwords Often

This past year marked a major rise in data breaches and hacks. From the well-known Ashley Madison hack alone, over 37 million passwords were leaked, and millions of people’s personal accounts were exposed. The cyberattack on Anthem, one of America’s largest health insurers, gave hackers access to up to 80 million records – including Social Security numbers, addresses, emails, income data, and employment information.

If you haven’t changed your passwords for accounts holding private information or your financial data within the past 12 months, be sure to do so now! By following these simple tech tips, you will experience a greater peace of mind this New Year.

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